Your Solution to a Biblically Responsible No Cost Low Minimum Retirement Plan

Our Mission

To serve churches and other qualified non profit organizations with professional, low-cost Christian 403(b)7 retirement plans by offering professional, no-cost administration services for people wanting to invest biblically.

Our Vision

To install a plan for your future that embraces your commitment to biblical principles without creating additional financial burden.

Why Us

The Master’s Plan works with churches and 501(c)3 ministries to design and maintain retirement plans that cater uniquely to each church or ministry it serves.


Who We Are

The Master’s Plan is structured to ensure participant investment dollars maintain the highest biblical integrity through biblically responsible investing.

In 1994, Timothy Partners, LTD, advisor to Timothy Plan family of funds was launched out of a desire to provide ministers with a way to ensure their investments were not compromising the biblical principles they had dedicated their lives to teach. Over the years, Timothy Plan has become the leader in Biblically Responsible Investing for all Christians who wish to honor God by not being vested in companies and organizations that act contrary to biblical principles.

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Our History

It all started in 1992, when a pastor came to Art Ally wanting to invest money, while still being a good steward and invest in something that doesn’t trade in pornography. After much research, Art realized there was nothing clean out there; every investment product was involved in something. This lead to the launch of Biblical Responsible Investing.


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Official Launch

The Master's Plan officially launched as a no cost, Third Party Administrator (TPA), providing services to biblically responsible 403(b)7 plans for churches and other non-ERISA Christian schools and 501(c)3 ministries with fewer than 100 participating employees.


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Filling a Need

As 403(b) retirement plans increased in regulations and fees-affordability decreased, and it became especially difficult for individual pastors or small churches to afford administration costs. After 25 years, Art Ally realized the need, started The Master's Plan, a 403(b)7 retirement plan for pastors and not-for-profit organizations, fulfilling his original dream to serve pastors in this capacity.


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A Passion for Pastors

Since 1992, Art Ally, President of Timothy Partners, Ltd. and Timothy Plan, felt pastors needed some type of retirement fund. He was concerned that pastors can be so driven that they work their whole lives, giving away most of their money and wind up with nothing. They generally don’t retire because they can’t, since they have nothing to retire on. This started his journey to build investment products he felt good about asking a pastor to invest in.

Happy to Assist You

Robin Bryant is qualified as a Tax-Exempt & Governmental Plan Administrator.

It has been my privilege to work for the Timothy Partners Ltd. since 2007. What I’ve discovered is, my desire to serve those who are serving in some type of ministry has been the most fulfilling since I started working at the Master’s Plan. Let me bring my knowledge of 403(b) retirement plans to your church or ministry and help you plan for the future.

About Our Clients

Don't take our word for it! Hear what our clients say about The Master's Plan.

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