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Building Your 403(b)7

Someone once said, “Searching and learning is where the process all begins”.

Here is a step-by-step guide to understand the process of creating a 403(b)7 retirement plan. On the other hand, your organization may be electing to restate an established plan. Regardless, let us help you wherever you are in the process.


Phone Consultation

Setting up a plan involves a question and answer session with the organization's retirement plan administrator to determine eligibility.

Call (833) 634-8252 to speak with a representative.

Moving Forward

If eligible, and if the organization decides to move forward, The Master's Plan will need their tax exempt letter from either their state or the IRS, as well as their EIN.


Choosing Your Plan Options

The Master's Plan will work with the organization's administrator to determine preferred options and how their plan should be written.


Plan Creation

Plan creation is the next step, where the custom plan documents are written. At this point, The Master's Plan will communicate with a financial advisor (if there is one) or directly with the client's administrator. Prepared documents will be sent in PDF format to either the financial advisor or client's administrator for signatures of approval.


Plan Activation

Once all the documents have been signed and returned, The Master's Plan sends the final plan documents to our records keeping to establish and activate the plan. This usually takes a few weeks.


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